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John 15:7 - "If ye abide in me,
and my words abide in you,
ye shall ask what ye will,
and it shall be done unto you."

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SEVEN. Denotes Spiritual Perfection.

It is the number or the hall-mark
of the Holy Spirit's Work.

The Holy Spirit is the Author and Giver of life.

Denotes the human number.

Man was created
in the sixth day.

The first occurrence
of the number makes it

(and all multiples of it)
the hall-mark of all
that is connected
with man.

Man works six days.
The hours of man's day
are a multiple of six.

The great men that stood out
in defiance of God

(Goliath, Nebuchadnezzar
& Lucifer/the Antichrist)

are all emphatically marked
by this number.

The people that have overcome
the Wicked One that walk
with God and abide in Christ,

the people that keep God's
Works unto the End
that have been given
the Holy Spirit
stand with God,
they embrace
the Way of Christ.

Such people are given
power to stand

and be strong in the Lord.

Such people will
do exploits and they

will forecast devices
against "little horn".

Such people are given
power over the nations.

Such people will reign forever
with Christ and with God
through the Holy Spirit.

Such people are given
power over those

that stand in defiance against
The Throne of God.

Such that stand for
the Throne of Heaven

in defiance of evil to the End
will be
given the
True Morning Star.

Such that stand for
and belong to God and

the True Christ,
will expose and stand against

the Wicked One when
the Wicked One
claim to be the Morning Star.

Denotes Finality of judgment.
It is 3 x 3,
the product of
Divine completeness.

The number nine,
or its factors or multiples,
is seen in all cases where
judgment is the subject.

The man of sin,
the son of perdition,
the false prophet,
Lucifer himself, the beast,
the Antichrist, is marked
by the number 666.

His numbers and

always add up to nine.

God's Judgment against
Lucifer is Final.

See the numbers that relate to the beast
and to the false prophet below:

(a) 6 x 6 = 36, (3+6 = 9)
(b) 36 x 6 = 216, (2+1+6 = 9)
(c) [6 x 6 x 6 = 252]
or [36 + 216 = 252],
where (2+5+2 = 9).

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