We are led
to help Establish

Epic Good Visions
that lead to:


Epic Good Projects,

Epic Good Ventures,

Epic Good Missions,
and to:

Epic Good Disruption.


In a Nutshell,
Our Mission is
to Establish
the Greatest Good
& the Greatest
Glory of God
in the Best Possible,
Most Excellent
Good Way.

From Bootstrapping to Multi-Million Dollar Operations

Will your Company be the Next Business Unicorn?

Our Advisors, Consultants,
Mentors, Service Providers
and Corporate Staff
Members are Dedicated
to Assisting Entrepreneurs
to Develop Disruptive
Innovative Projects
through Win-Win
fee-based and
profit sharing


Participants of each
venture undertaken get
a piece of the
pie for their efforts.


Profit sharing and or
fee-based project
assistance is offered
on a best-efforts basis
after a conflict check
ensures that there are no
conflicts of interest that
would prevent participants
from working together.


Members and participants
that get assistance from
Uriel Corporation®
(DBA: "Epic Ventures™")
for mutual projects of
interest are required to enter
into non-disclosure,
non-compete, and other
written agreements
that define business


Members and Participants
that collaborate on
projects through our site
are given access to zoom
meetings, phone conferences,
SKYPE sessions, webinars,
collaborative portals, systems,
virtual meeting platforms,
email communications,
and through other means
(when such are available)
that allow members to receive
guidance from us for their


Only Members and
Participants that register
and subscribe to a Level 4
Membership Plan can get
assistance for projects that
don't pose a conflict of interest
with current projects.


All assistance is based
on a best-efforts basis.




*Abide in Christ,


*Prophesy and to lead and
train others to prophesy,


*Empower all Christians of
every church group, in
every walk of life, and lead
the same to their greater


*Empower those that
diligently seek God Almighty
and or Jesus Christ so
that they may be able to
receive the blessings of
God Almighty and so that
they may receive the
reward of every
prophet and or
prophetess that they
might receive,


*Empower people with the
Live Words of God and
Good Wisdom so that they
might receive the
Holy Spirit and so that they
may adhere to the covenants
of God, so that they might
abide in Christ, and so that
they might succeed in their
vocations that God has
chosen them for,


*Empower each individual
that seeks the Power of
God Almighty and the
Lord Jesus Christ or that
follows God Almighty
and Jesus Christ,


*Are a force in the
World for good,


*Keep the Saying
(the Live Testimony)
of Jesus Christ,


*Tread on serpents and
scorpions and over all the
power of the enemy,


*Assist people to overcome,


*Lead people to keep the
Works of God Almighty,


*Lead people to embrace
Divine Principles so that
they may be led to ever
increasing everlasting


*Stand against the beast,


*Prophesy against Lucifer
and those that have
sided with Lucifer,


*Stand against and
overcome all evil by the
Blood of Christ, by the
Power of our Testimony,
and by not loving our
lives unto death,


*Speak by the
Holy Spirit,


*We have victory over
evil by the Spirit of God,


*Are bringing an
end to all evil,


*Work to usher in
and bring forth the
Final Restoration,
New Jerusalem, the
Kingdom of God,
the Apokatastasis,
the Wedding Feast
of the Lamb.


* * * * * * *


It’s very important to believe
that God has chosen us to be
whom He has chosen to fulfill
the mission that God has
chosen us for.


We aim to take a different
approach in reaching
out and helping
people along their


We stress cultural
relevancy and utilize
all medias and means
to communicate the
gospel of Christ
with Power,
and we aim to
prophesy boldly
as we ought to
prophesy to
accomplish and
complete the
Mystery of God
towards the
effort of
fulfilling the
prophecies that
remain unfulfilled.


Our Aim Is To:

Be instrumental in
providing a training
ground to help
today's prophets and
prophetesses perfect
their spiritual gifts
and talents to prophesy,
and to help others
perfect their gifts, talents,
and skill sets at
every level,


Create today's critical
mass of prophets and
prophetesses that will
prophesy and keep
God's Works to the end
to bring about the
Second Coming of Christ,


Prepare a world for the
redeemed that they
may be kept safe from evil,


Lead the redeemed of
God that they might
even receive the blessed
reward of having
their mortal bodies take
on immortality
when Christ returns,


Provide a training ground
for all peoples to
receive and walk in the
Power of the Holy Spirit.


Please Note:

It’s very important
to have faith.


We are here to
increase your faith
and empower
you by the Power
of the Holy Spirit
as God Almighty
provides His Testimony
through us to help you all
receive all that you
ask of God that is
in accord with His
Divine Principles and
His Plan for your lives.


You must believe
that God rewards
those that diligently
seek Him.


You all are part of
God's Passion Play
and God has chosen
each of you to fulfill
your portion of
God's Passion Play.


We are here to help
you overcome
and to help you reach
the great destiny
God Almighty has in
store for each of you.


We are witnesses
to the Power of God.


We have seen
that God's Word
when spoken does not
return to Him Void.


We are witnesses that
God's Word always
accomplishes that which
it was sent out to do.


If you are meek, humble,
and have a teachable spirit,
we can help you and
empower you by the
Power of the Holy Spirit.


Faith comes from hearing
the Word of God
and our Mentors will
help you see that
the Word of God
is Living and Active.


You will come to know
that the tongue
has the power of
Life and death.


We are led to lead you
so that you may all
come to a proper
spiritual understanding,
to discover that the
Word of God is far
beyond just words that are
on a piece of paper.


We are Witnesses to the
Might of God's Spirit
and to how it has the
power to transform
our lives and the world.


Join us, and catch
the Spirit that will
lead you from truth to
truth, from victory to
victory so that you may
enjoy the freedom, the
prosperity, the favor,
and the liberty that is
in Christ Jesus!!!


We look forward
to being a part
of your journey!!!



Our mission statement can be summed up in one word: REACH.

We are Always Reaching Up | Loving God:

Vertical reach to touch God.
We reach up through worship.

We are Always Reaching In | Serving Each Other:

Horizontal reach to bless others.
We serve God by serving each other.

We are Always Reaching Out | Changing The World:

Outward reach to change the world.
We have to be bold and courageous.
We have to be disruptive in the best possible,
most excellent good way to reign,
usher in, and bring about
the blessings of our age.
Jesus commanded us to go into the entire world
and present the good news and to be a great blessing to
ourselves and a great blessing to those
that God wants to greatly bless.
Christ be magnified!!!

Our Aim is to Empower the Present & Future

Permanent Many-Membered Body of Christ


10:00am to 5:00pm CST
Phone Conferences, Webinars,
Zoom Meetings, Skype,
& other Virtual Meetings Appointments
can be made outside of regular
business hours with advanced notice.


Chicago National Headquarters:
Uriel Corporation® (DBA: "Epic Ventures™")
One Westbrook Corporate Center
Suite 300
Westchester, IL 60154-5709, USA

Upper Leadership Staff of Team 144,000™

Meet our Advisors, Consultants, Mentors, Service Providers,

& Our Corporate Staff Members

(If we don't have the perfect Team Member(s) for your project, we will engage in Best Efforts Operations to find the Expertise you need.)

Team Member Pool

Team Member Pool

Engineering Contractors
Team Member Pool

Team Member Pool

Business Plan, Executive Summary, & Pitch Deck Development Contractors
Team Member Pool

Team Member Pool

Website, E-Commerce, E-Store, & Social Website Development Contractors
David O.

David O.

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer, Contractor
Team Member Pool

Team Member Pool

Prototype Development Contractors
Team Member Pool

Team Member Pool

Entertainment Consultant Contractors
Team Member Pool

Team Member Pool

Equity Crowd Funding & Fundraising Consultant Contractors
Gordon R.

Gordon R.

VP of Engneering & Development, Contractor
Team Member Pool

Team Member Pool

Software Development Contractors
Team Member Pool

Team Member Pool

Alliance & Business Development Contractors
Team Member Pool

Team Member Pool

Educational, Spiritual, & Prosperity Coaching Contractors
Marcus M.

Marcus M.

Website Operations & Development Project Management, Contractor


Project Management Contractors


Government Grants & Contracts Consultant Contractors


Political Advisory Consultant Contractors


Our Many Areas of Expertise

For Disruptive Innovation in Every Product & Service Niche

Services include but are not limited to:

* 1) spiritual mentoring,
* 2) educational mentoring,
* 3) entertainment-related mentoring,
* 4) business-related mentoring,
* 5) government-related, politically-related mentoring,
* 6) charity-related mentoring,
* 7) non-profit-related mentoring,
* 8) for-profit-related mentoring,
* 9) success and prosperity-related mentoring,
* 10) ad-hoc board meeting consulting,
* 11) management consulting,
* 12) business plan development,
* 13) marketing plan development,
* 14) market research consulting,
* 15) product pricing strategy consulting,
* 16) corporate and subsidiary start up consulting,
* 17) growth & diversification consulting,
* 18) product development, engineering, research & development consulting,
* 19) electronic and mechanical product development,
* 20) disruptive product development enhancement brainstorming,
* 21) software development,
* 22) prototype development,
* 23) patent search,
* 24) intellectual property prior art analysis,
* 25) competitive analysis,
* 26) intellectual property consulting,
* 27) intellectual property development,
* 28) intellectual property tweaking & improvement,
* 29) intellectual property portfolio development and expansion,
* 30) proposal development & negotiation,
* 31) grant writing,
* 32) government contracting,
* 33) project & contract management,
* 34) business development,
* 35) corporate and subsidiary development,
* 36) marketing-sales-distribution alliance development,
* 37) manufacturing consulting and alliance development,
* 38) alliance negotiations and development,
* 39) operations oversight management,
* 40) licensing consulting and negotiations,

Other detailed services:

* 41) acquisition consulting & negotiations,
* 42) reseller relationship development consulting & negotiations,
* 43) profitability consulting,
* 44) strategic diversification consulting,
* 45) strategic partnering search and negotiations,
* 46) joint venture consulting and negotiations,
* 47) win-win partnership development,
* 48) win-win product-service trade, supply & partnering consulting & negotiations,
* 49) fund raising and equity crowd funding consulting.
* 50) mentoring services,
* 51) business, industrial, commercial, consumer, government project consulting,
* 52) product-oriented venture consulting,
* 53) service-oriented venture consulting,
* 54) product and corporate image branding and positioning,
* 55) innovative product search and product acquisition consulting,
* 56) valuation services,
* 57) patent & technology brokering,
* 58) technology search,
* 59) technology transfer, technology acquisition, & technology brokering,
* 60) intellectual property/technology acquisition, licensing or sale,
* 61) marketing-sales-distribution consulting, campaign development and execution,
* 62) website development & management,
* 63) blog development & management,
* 64) blog article development or other content development & management,
* 65) newsletter development and deployment,
* 66) e-commerce development & management,
* 67) SEO services,
* 68) email campaign services,
* 69) Google Ad Sense development & management,
* 70) internet advertising,
* 71) affiliate development & management,
* 72) ERP, CRM & other IT consulting, customization, implementation & management,
* 73) management team development and management consulting,
* 74) executive search,
* 75) technical services,
* 76) project and product/service launches,
* 77) consulting to scale operations, and to increase revenue,
* 78) other consulting services.

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