Become a Mentor

To potentially become an
Advisor or Mentor of the Website,
in association with
Uriel Corporation
(DBA: "Epic Ventures"):


1) You must 1st register on
this site using the Register link
found under the
Home Navigation Menu.

Please Register 1st.
(There is no charge.)


2) You must then Subscribe as a
5th Level Member
using the following link:

(There is no charge.)


3) You must then sign up as an
Advisor or Mentor at the link
immediately below:

Mentor Sign-Up Page
(There is no charge.)


4) You must then add
your Profile information
for the Type of Mentor you are
at the following link by
clicking on the appropriate
button that will take you to a
page that you need to fill out
to be listed in our internal

Add Profile to Collaborate
(There is no charge.)


5) You must then request the
Mentor Agreement from
the following link:

Request the
Mentor Agreement

(There is no charge.)

(There is only money
to be made by Advisors
& Mentors that successfully
work with us to complete
a project.)


(When requesting the
Mentor Agreement from
the link immediately above,
please select the
Mentor Agreement
for Mentors checkbox, and
then submit the form to receive
the Mentor Agreement
for Execution.)

We will then contact
you and go over
the agreement and
discuss terms to
potentially enter
into an agreement
with you.


6) You must then execute the
Mentor Agreement that we
have negotiated electronically.


We look forward to establishing
a good, long-term lucrative
relationship with all of our staff,
advisors, consultants, mentors,
and service providers to jointly
pursue win-win opportunities
that will benefit us
and our clients.