Causes or Missions

Do you have a Cause
or a Mission that you
would like assistance with?

Upon receiving your complete
project proposal, we will study
your submission and brainstorm
with our Mentors and Third-Party
Collaborators to see if
we can assist you.


Please note that our services
are provided to members
on a best-efforts WIN-WIN
basis where your team and our
teams may both profit if we
collaborate and work together
on your project.


All projects are subject to a
conflicts of interest check
and are evaluated to see
if there is a mutual
interest to proceed.


Your project may be rejected if:


*there is a conflict of interest,

*your project is outside the scope
of our interests and or services,

*your project is outside of
our abilities to help you,

*we fail to come to a mutually
acceptable agreement,

*there are not enough resources
for us to help you.


Though we will do our best
to assist you, we cannot
guarantee that we will be
able to assist you, nor
can we guarantee that your
project will be met with success.


Every project we undertake must
stand on its on its own merit.


Submit Your Proposal


Please tell us your needs and
desires and the scope
of your project with as much
detail as possible without
disclosing confidential


Should your Project have merit
that may prove beneficial to us
and to the present and or future
permanent many-membered
body of Christ where we may
also be of good service,
we will be in touch.

Should you like to request
assistance, send us a
complete non-confidential
project proposal to:


In your Email Subject Line
please include the following:

"Member requests assistance for a
Cause or Mission. A Win-Win Project
Proposal is attached."

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