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What and how

We believe here


Our values are based on inspiring and moving people to help transform them into fully devoted prophets and prophetesses of God Almighty, to empower people to receive the Holy Spirit and to guide them in their spiritual growth, to perfect their spiritual gifts and talents, to be exemplary followers and Ambassadors of Jesus Christ. We endeavor to lead others by the Holy Spirit to assist, train, and lead today's prophets and prophetesses that they may prophesy again before many peoples, and nations, and tongues and kings and to create fervent followers of Jesus Christ worldwide.


Our vision is to assist in raising up and creating Team 144,000™ composed of at least 144,000 Redeemed Prophets and Prophetesses, Mentors, Saints and Support People that will lead, guide, and direct leaders and peoples throughout the world in every sphere of influence to serve Christ, to Stand for the Body of Christ, and to Stand Against every evil influence through the Power of the Holy Spirit. We endeavor to Mentor today's prophets and prophetesses to increase their faith and to help them refine, polish, and increase the faith of others throughout the world as they are empowered by the Holy Spirit.


Our mission is to offer a Spiritually-Based Mentor-Protégé Program that endeavors to move our members to embrace Divine Principles. Our Mentoring is designed to lead our members to greater success and prosperity in their spiritual, business, and other projects to their benefit and to the benefit of the present and future permanent Body of Christ. Our Mentor-Protégé Program is based on Divine Principles that create the foundation for Divine riches, prosperity, and everlasting wealth. The Divine Principles we embrace lead to generating Win-Win Opportunities for those that participate and embrace our Spiritually-Based Mentoring Program. Our grace-filled mission is to establish the Reign of God in the world and to be a blessing to those that have recourse to Christ.


Our Mentor-Protégé Mission Network is comprised of an ever-growing roster of Christian Churches, Christian Spiritual Mentors & Support People, and Members that have decided to become members of our site. The Staff, Collaborators and the Mentors in our Network are dedicated towards guiding and empowering our Members in every area and every aspect of life. We seek to provide good advice and to lead our members to follow the best courses of action to get the best results in member endeavors. We seek to help our members reach Divinely Inspired Goals that have merit, that they might succeed in their God-given Missions, and so that they might prosper in all that they are led by God to do.

Core Values

Our mission is to provide a network of individuals, organizations and groups that put God First in their lives and who make it their mission to assist those that seek God and are committed to establishing the greater good.
This site is designed to provide inspired mentors that have expertise in different areas. We aim to provide mentors that have the Holy Spirit who wish to assist others spiritually and in every area and aspect of life.
We further endeavor to create mutually beneficial relationships and project teams to assist those that seek assistance for inspired projects for mutual reward.
We seek to make manifest God's Presence and His Greater Glory in our relationships and in all that we do. We seek to move people from victory to victory to ever greater victories, and we seek to move people from success to success to ever greater successes.
We seek to inspire all that seek God's Blessings, to help them find their True Purpose in life to make kings and queens of those that seek to reign with Christ.
We look for ways to build bridges to better the international society. We aim to take a different approach in reaching out and helping people by prophesying, edifying, exhorting, and inspiring others as we are led by the Holy Spirit.


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Discover The Final Mission

The Most Important Mission of All

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We invite you to participate in one or more of the projects posted on our site. Our projects, include proprietary product development initiatives, and they further include, missions, causes and operations that are tied to the Final Mission. The Final Mission involves the Outpouring of the Testimony of Jesus Christ by God's chosen prophets of today. God's prophets of today are led by the Holy Spirit to stand against the beast and they also serve to be a blessing to and to empower those that have recourse to Christ.

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