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To become a Member,
Full User, Staff Member,
Advisor, Consultant,
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you have to:

1) Register through
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2) Subscribe to one of the
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3) You must then add
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4) Request & Execute the
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for the projects you are
interested in after
you register.


5) Click on the following link
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(There is only money
to be made by mentors
and advisors that successfully
work with us to complete
a project.)


Members of this Site must agree
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General Agreements:

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Terms of Use.

If you do not agree with the
terms or conditions
related to the General
Agreements above that are
posted on this website,
you should "NOT" sign up
to be a User, Member,
Advisor, Consultant,
Mentor, Service Provider,
or a Corporate Staff Member.


To Request Agreements to get
assistance with your
God-inspired projects
or to Request Agreements
where you might
assist Uriel Corporation®
(DBA: Epic Ventures™)
with projects,
or should you like to
assist us with Client Projects,
please access the following link,
fill out the form, and request the
appropriate agreements:


Link to:


Assistance Agreements entered
into with Uriel Corporation®
(DBA: Epic Ventures™),
or with Third Parties introduced
by Uriel Corporation®
(DBA: Epic Ventures™),
shall be governed by the terms
and conditions
of the Agreements
that may be negotiated.


NOTICE: There are no Refunds
for products and
or services purchased
through this site
unless such refund
terms and conditions
are specifically
stated in further written
Agreements between
buyer and seller.

Pricing for products and or
services on this site
are subject to change
without notice.

Products and or Services are
subject to availability
and other constraints.