Store Affiliates


This is the affiliates section
of this store.


If you are an existing affiliate,
please log in to access
your control panel.


If you are not an affiliate,
but wish to become one,
you will need to apply
to be an affiliate
on the following link:
Affiliate Registration.


If affiliate registration
is disabled please
contact us by email,
through our website
form on our contact page,
or by phone to discuss
becoming an affiliate.


To apply, you must be
a registered user on this blog.
If you have an existing account
on this blog, please log in.
If not, please register.


Affiliates are subject
to briefings, training
and approvals by
Uriel Corporation®
(DBA: Epic Ventures™)
to remain active.


Affiliates are subject
to the terms,
conditions and to
the policies of this site.


Affiliates will further have to
enter into
NDAs, and into an
Advisory, Consulting,
Service Provider Agreement

with Uriel Corporation®
(DBA: Epic Ventures™).